DoD Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation’s (PARC) primary responsibility is to ensure that DoD has the operational and logistical flexibility necessary for testing and training exercises. DoD PARC provides a framework for DoD and the Military Services to use to effectively manage amphibians and reptiles on DoD lands by focusing on habitat and species management; inventory, research, and monitoring; and education, outreach, and training.

DoD PARC’s Strategic Plan is now complete!
Click here to read the solicitation memo sent to the Military Services from the 
Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations and Environment).

The DoD PARC logo was designed to reflect the long-standing relationship DoD and the Military Services have with protecting both our nation and its resources. By intertwining the rattlesnake with the tasseled American flag, the DoD PARC logo harkens back to the original Gadsden flag image which served as ‘an emblem of vigilance… of magnanimity and true courage.’[1] By showing the Flag with tassels, the logo depicts heroics in battle and honors earned through victory.[2] In the end, the logo is meant to represent how DoD protects the natural resources with which it has been entrusted, and how those resources in turn provide for and protect the military’s ability to prepare for its warfighting and peacekeeping duties.

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