DoD Natural Resources Program

Enabling the Mission, Defending the Resources
Climate Change
DoD actively manages for climate change impacts and their effect on mission activities so it can adapt current and future operations in ways that maintain an effective and efficient military. Click here for more information.
Invasive Species
Installation natural resources managers and pest management professionals work to control and mitigate damage from non-native invasive species on our nation's military lands in ways that sustain testing, training, and operations. Click here for reports, tools, fact sheets, and other materials. 
Threatened and endangered bats, butterflies, and other pollinator species occur on over 100 military installations across the country. DoD manages its lands to prevent declines in these and other listed and at-risk species, which in turn helps enable the military’s capacity to test and train. Click here for information, articles, and fact sheets.
Candidate Species
DoD manages and protects candidate species to help prevent them from becoming listed, which in turn can minimize potential restrictions to testing, training, and operations from critical habitat designations. Click here for more information.
Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans
Congress established the Sikes Act (16 U.S.C. 670a- 670o) in 1960 to ensure that the Department of Defense (DoD) conserves and protects the natural resources they use. Because military lands often are protected from human access and impact, they contain some of our nation’s most significant remaining large tracts of valuable natural resources. In 1997, Congress amended the Sikes Act to require DoD to develop and implement Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans (INRMPs) to outline how each military installation with significant natural resources will manage those resources. Click here for more information. 
Endangered Species
DoD manages and protects more than 400 threatened/endangered species, and over 550 at-risk species on military installations across the nation in ways that enable critical testing, training, and operational activities. Click here for more information. 
Training and Education
The Sikes Act requires, to the extent practicable, the Secretary of each Military Department to ensure that sufficient numbers of professionally trained natural resources management personnel are available and responsible for performing necessary tasks, including the preparation and implementation of Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans. DoD complies with the Sikes Act by providing training courses and other materials for personnel at the installation level. Click here for information on training courses including guidance documents, policies, and tools. 
Off-Base Conservation
DoD’s off-base conservation efforts conserve plants and animals while also alleviating some of the restrictions and pressures that are interrupting testing, training, and operational activities. By coordinating off-base conservation efforts, DoD can fulfill stewardship obligations in a more meaningful regional context. Click here for resources and articles of interest and relevance.