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Enabling the Mission, Defending the Resources

DoD Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Network and Information Exchange (DENIX) - contains information and resources about all DoD Environmental Programs, including the DoD Natural Resources Program. Topics on the site include Conservation Program Information; Legislation and Policy; Fish and Wildlife; Threatened, Endangered, and At Risk Species; Vegetation and Habitat; and the Natural Selections Newsletter.

USFWS Guidelines for Coordination on INRMPs (June 2015)
Mutual DoD and USFWS Guidelines for Streamlined Review of INRMP Updates (July 2015)
MOU between DoD, USFWS, and AFWA for a Cooperative Integrated Natural Resource Management Program on Military Installations (2013)
DoD Instruction 4715.03, Natural Resources Conservation Program
DoD Manual 4715.03, INRMP Implementation
Army Regulation 200-1, Environmental Protection and Enhancement
Chief of Naval Operations Instruction 5090.1D, Environmental Readiness Program
Chief of Naval Operations Manual 5090.1, Environmental Readiness Program Manual
Air Force Instruction 32-7064, Integrated Natural Resources Management
Marine Corps Order P5090.2A, Environmental Compliance and Protection Manual
DoD Natural Resources Funding Manual
Sikes Act Implementing Procedures – Clarifying the Role of USFWS and State Agencies (2014)
DoD Policy to use Pollinator-Friendly Management Prescriptions – Request for Coordination (2014)
DoD Policy to Use Pollinator-Friendly Management Prescriptions (2014)
MOU Between DoD and the Pollinator Partnership – Request for Coordination (2014)
MOU Between DoD and USFWS to Promote the Conservation of Migratory Birds
Fact Sheet: Building Community Resilience by Strengthening America's Natural Resources and Supporting Green Infrastructure (from the Executive Office of the President, Council on Environmental Quality)
MOU Between Multiple Federal Agencies Regarding the Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC) Federal Agencies Steering Committee (2012)

Environmental DNA Online Resource Center
Federal Resource Management and Ecosystem Services Guidebook
USFWS Endangered Species Bulletin, Fall 2015, Wildlife Stewardship & National Defense
Bird-Friendly Building Design, 2nd Ed. (American Bird Conservancy, 2015)
Strategic Plan for Amphibian and Reptile Conservation and Management on DoD Lands (2015)
DoD Natural Resources Program Brochure
Don't Let Your Cats Go AWOL! Brochure
50 Years of the Sikes Act Brochure
Commander's Guide on Invasive Species
Threatened, Endangered, and At-Risk Species Interagency Research Coordination Manual
DoD Biodiversity Conservation Toolbox
DoD Biodiversity Conservation Toolbox Case Studies
Conserving Biodiversity on Military Lands: A Guide for Natural Resources Managers
Conserving Biodiversity on Military Lands: The Commander's Guide
Strategic Plan for Bird Conservation and Management on DoD Lands (2014) 
Western Dredging Association Journal of Dredging 

An Introduction to DoD’s Natural Resources Program, presented by Peter Boice to the AFPMB Board Meeting (5 November 2013)
Conservation Planning to Recover Federally Listed Species on DoD Lands, presented by Richard Fischer at The Wildlife Society's 2014 Annual Meeting

  • International Migratory Bird Day: Connecting People to Bird Conservation, presented by Dr. Susan Bonfield, Environment for the Americas (12 May 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Current Status of White-Nose Syndrome and Potential Impacts to DoD, presented by Eric Britzke, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center (6 May 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Monitoring Amphibians Using Environmental DNA, presented by Dr. Katherine Strickler, Washington State University (21 April 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Herpetofauna Biodiversity on Air Force Lands, presented by Dr. Rob Lovich, DoD’s National Technical Representative for Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (29 March 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Legislative Update on the Federal Bird-Safe Buildings Act, presented by Representative Quigley, Dr. Christine Sheppard (American Bird Conservancy), and Mr. Erik Schneider (National Audubon Society) (1 March 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Decision Support for Conservation Assessment and Planning in a Landscape Context, presented by Dr. Patrick Crist, NatureServe (24 February 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Introduction to the Avian Knowledge Network and Information Planning and Conservation System, presented by Dr. Eric Kershner, USFWS (4 February 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Evaluation of Mechanical Mid-Story Removal as a Tool to Restore Endangered Species Habitat (Legacy project 14-109), presented by Thomas Gorman, Virginia Tech University (10 December 2015) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Migratory Connectivity of At-Risk Grassland Birds (Legacy project 14-764), presented by Jason Hill, Vermont Center for Ecostudies (16 November 2015) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Using the Endangered Species Act to Protect Rare Amphibians and Reptiles, presented by Jenny Loda, Center for Biological Diversity (5 November 2015) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Species at Risk on DoD Lands: 2014 Updated Analysis, Report, and Maps (Legacy project 14-772), presented by Nancy Benton and Lynn Kutner, Nature Serve (27 October 2015) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Detector Dog Surveys for Eastern Indigo Snakes (Drymarchon couperi) at three Navy Installations in north Florida, presented by Dirk Stevenson, Orianne Society (15 October 2015) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Partnering with DoD to Combat Wildlife Trafficking, presented by Dr. Heidi Kretser, Wildlife Conservation Society (17 September 2015) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording

NR Program Fact Sheet:
Partners in Flight (PIF) Fact Sheets:
DoD Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC) Fact Sheet:
Pollinators Fact Sheets:
Threatened, Endangered, and Species At Risk Fact Sheets:
Invasive Species Fact Sheets:
Other Useful Fact Sheets:

For the Good of Us All; Conservation Partnerships with the Military, Connect
Bombing for Biodiversity in the United States: Response to Zentelis & Lindenmayer 2015; Conservation Letters, A Journal of the Society for Conservation Biology 
Don’t Scare the Tortoise! Troops Tiptoe Around Endangered Species, E&E Publishing
One of the World’s Worst Invasive Species Just Showed Up in the United States, The Washington Post
Honeybee’s African Ancestors May Hold Cure for Biting Mite Plague, LiveScience
Snake Fungal Disease Parallels White-Nose Syndrome in Bats, Science Daily 
Rarest Sea Turtle Nests Found At Cape Canaveral AFS, Patrick Air Force Base 
Honeybee Genetics Fight Pathogens, The Western Producer

Spring 2016: Conservation in DoD: A Historic Perspective
Fall 2015: Climate Change
Summer 2015: Fire
Spring 2015: Threatened and Endangered Species
Winter 2014-2015: Training
Fall 2014: Herpetofauna
Summer 2014: Birds
Spring 2014: Readiness and Range Sustainment
Winter 2013-2014: Success Stories
Spring 2013: Tools and Resources
Winter 2012-2013: Oceans
Spring/Summer/Fall 2012: Policy and Planning
Winter 2012: The Role of Communication, Outreach, and Education in Supporting Natural Resources Management Efforts

CESU National Network
International Migratory Bird Day 2016 Announcement 
Secretary of Defense Environmental Awards
Sikes Act: As Amended Through P.L. 113-291, Enacted December 19, 2014
DoD’s Role in the National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators
Press Release: USFWS Recognizes Vandenberg AFB as 2015 Military Conservation Partner Award Winner
National Conservation Easement Database
Video: Military Bases as Wildlife Havens, The New York Times