DoD Natural Resources Program

Enabling the Mission, Defending the Resources

Past NR Program Webinar Series Presentations​
  • Using Avian Monitoring Data to Guide Natural Resource Management through Integrated Monitoring in Bird Conservation Regions presented by Nick van Lanen, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies and Clark Jones, US Fish and Wildlife Service (14 March 2019) Powerpoint & Webinar Recording
  • Assessing the Importance of Wetlands on DoD Installations for the Persistence of Wetland-dependent Birds in North America presented by Bryan S. Stevens and Courtney J. Conway, Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit (07 February 2019) Powerpoint & Webinar Recording
  • Opportunities for Military Installations to Collaborate with Conservation Corps, presented by Jay Satz, Northwest Youth Corps and Josh Tuohy, The Corps Network (17 January 2019) Powerpoint & Webinar Recording
  • Threats and Stressors to Species at Risk and Ecological Systems and Implications for Installations in Colorado and the Western U.S. by Lee Grunau and Renée Rondeau, Colorado Natural Heritage Program (25 October 2018) Powerpoint & Webinar Recording
  • Integrating State Wildlife Action Plans into Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans, presented by Scott Klopfer, Virginia Tech (27 September 2018) Powerpoint & Webinar Recording
  • An Early Warning Mapping Tool for Forecasting Fire Risk on DoD Lands in the Arid West, presented by Miranda Gray, Josh Gage, Luke Zachmann, and Brett Dickson, Conservation Science Partners Inc. (13 September 2018) Powerpoint & Webinar Recording
  • Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units (CESU) Network, presented by Bill Thompson and Dan Filer, National Park Service (7 August 2018) Powerpoint & Webinar Recording
  • Migratory Connectivity of At-risk Grassland Birds, presented by Jason Hill and Roz Renfrew, Vermont Center of Ecostudies (30 May 2018) Powerpoint & Webinar Recording
  • Conservation and Management of Western Monarchs on DoD Lands, presented by Stephanie McKnight, The Xerces Society (14 March 2018) Powerpoint & Webinar Recording
  • Whooping Cranes in the Central Flyway -- Relevance for Military and Civil Works Projects During Migratory Stopover, presented by Aaron Pearse, USGS and Wade Harrell, USFWS (6 December 2017) Powerpoint & Webinar Recording
  • Habitat Mapping for Aquatic Species At-Risk on Military Installations using GPS-based Underwater Video, presented by Paul Ayers, University of Tennessee (1 November 2017) Powerpoint & Webinar Recording
  • Operation tenBoma: Applying Military Strategy to Conservation/Anti-Poaching, presented by Faye Cuevas, International Fund for Animal Welfare (26 September 2017) Powerpoint & Webinar Recording
  • Overcoming Challenges to the Recovery of Declining Amphibian Populations in the United States, presented by Dr. Susan Walls, USGS (11 July 2017) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Herpetofauna Biodiversity on Army Installations, presented by Rob Lovich, DoD PARC National Technical Representative (27 June 2017) Powerpoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • NOAA Compensatory Mitigation Policy, presented by Susan‐Marie Stedman, NOAA Fisheries, Office of Habitat Conservation (02 May 2017) PowerPoint Deck Webinar Recording
  • Understanding Occupancy Patterns in a Low-Density Population of Gopher Tortoises, Gopherus polyphemus, presented by Steve Goodman, Virginia Tech Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation (22 March 2017) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • History and Successes of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative, presented by Robert Fisher, Western Ecological Research Center, USGS (10 February 2017) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Managing DoD’s Natural Resources in Response to Climate Change using a Portfolio Approach or Adaptive Management, presented by Dr. Igor Linkov, Dr. Richard Fischer, and Dr. Christy Foran (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center-Environmental Laboratory) (30 November 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool, presented by Rayo McCollough, Natural Heritage New Mexico and Chuck Hayes, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (29 September 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake Restoration Case Study: If You Build It, Will They Come?, presented by Brandon Ruhe, President of the Mid-Atlantic Center for Herpetology and Conservation (12 July 2016) PowerPoint Deck
  • Final Office of the Secretary of Defense Natural Resources Update, presented by Peter Boice, Deputy Director, DoD Natural Resources Program (24 May 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording 
  • International Migratory Bird Day: Connecting People to Bird Conservation, presented by Dr. Susan Bonfield, Environment for the Americas (12 May 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Current Status of White-Nose Syndrome and Potential Impacts to DoD, presented by Eric Britzke, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center (6 May 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Monitoring Amphibians Using Environmental DNA, presented by Dr. Katherine Strickler, Washington State University (21 April 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Herpetofauna Biodiversity on Air Force Lands, presented by Dr. Rob Lovich, DoD’s National Technical Representative for Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (29 March 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Legislative Update on the Federal Bird-Safe Buildings Act, presented by Representative Quigley, Dr. Christine Sheppard (American Bird Conservancy), and Mr. Erik Schneider (National Audubon Society) (1 March 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Decision Support for Conservation Assessment and Planning in a Landscape Context, presented by Dr. Patrick Crist, NatureServe (24 February 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Introduction to the Avian Knowledge Network and Information Planning and Conservation System, presented by Dr. Eric Kershner, USFWS (4 February 2016) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Evaluation of Mechanical Mid-Story Removal as a Tool to Restore Endangered Species Habitat (Legacy project 14-109), presented by Thomas Gorman, Virginia Tech University (10 December 2015) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Migratory Connectivity of At-Risk Grassland Birds (Legacy project 14-764), presented by Jason Hill, Vermont Center for Ecostudies (16 November 2015) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Using the Endangered Species Act to Protect Rare Amphibians and Reptiles, presented by Jenny Loda, Center for Biological Diversity (5 November 2015) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Species at Risk on DoD Lands: 2014 Updated Analysis, Report, and Maps (Legacy project 14-772), presented by Nancy Benton and Lynn Kutner, Nature Serve (27 October 2015) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Detector Dog Surveys for Eastern Indigo Snakes (Drymarchon couperi) at three Navy Installations in north Florida, presented by Dirk Stevenson, Orianne Society (15 October 2015) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording
  • Partnering with DoD to Combat Wildlife Trafficking, presented by Dr. Heidi Kretser, Wildlife Conservation Society (17 September 2015) PowerPoint Deck & Webinar Recording